PS3 Black Screen – 2 Easy Steps To Fix This

There are a couple of possible PS3 black screen scenarios that have occurred to many PS3 owners. Some have reported their screens going black while playing usually for only a few seconds before the display gets restored. Some have had their display completely dead when their consoles first arrived. When they turn on their PS3, it starts up fine and everything but the screen remains blank or black. This may also be caused by using a HDMI cable. Some others have theirs dead within a few days or even hours of use. These are very common occurrences and fortunately, the fixes are really simple.

PS3 Black Screen Causes

The causes may vary from one console to another but 90% of the time, this PS3 black screen is caused by incorrect PS3 settings, sometimes due to a HDMI cable issue, or a problem with the other cables.

PS3 Black Screen Fixes

The first easiest fix which you should attempt would be to just disconnect all your cables from the console and wait for 1 minute. After a minute, connect all your cables back into your PS3 console and ensure that the cables are all properly intact and not loose. If this does not fix your problem, proceed to the next step.

As most of the PS3 settings will differ according to people’s TV screen models and whatnot, sometimes the PS3 settings are merely not compatible with your TV model and this will essentially cause the display to malfunction and cause the PS3 black screen to happen. If this is the cause of your problem, a PS3 video settings restore would solve your problem 90% of the time. To do this, you need to first put your system into stand-by mode, which will be indicated by a non-flashing red light. Next, place your finger on the power button to turn on your system, but do not remove it. Instead, just hold the power button down for a few seconds until your hear 3 beeps. The first beep indicates that your system had started up while the 2 following beeps indicates that your PS3 video settings have been restored to its default factory settings.

PS3 Black Screen Alternative Fixes

If the above does not work for you, it is likely your PS3 has an internal malfunction rather than merely a problem with the general settings. At this point, it might be tempting to just send off your console to Sony to be repaired. It is a guaranteed fix but before you do that, you might want to first consider the repercussions of doing so:

  1.  Firstly, Sony will take from a minimum of 3 weeks up to a maximum 6 weeks to repair your console and return it to you.
  2. In addition to the long waiting period, Sony will also charge you a hefty $150 at the very least. The cost can go up to $200 depending on shipping and taxes.
  3. Your hard drive data will be cleaned out during the repair, and as a result, all your saved files will be gone.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could do this by yourself at a fraction of the cost, retain your saved files, and best of all, get back to playing your PS3 by the end of today? Fortunately for you, this has already been answered. Yes, you can! The fixes used by Sony to fix the PS3 black screen are actually really simple and require no more than common household tools such as a screwdriver as a Mr. Sheffield, an expert PS3 repairman who owns his own PS3 repair business in Sydney, Australia has recently revealed this fact.

In his PS3 repair guide, he had identified all the common and most uncommon problems that many PS3 owners face, including the PS3 black screen’s causes and guaranteed fixes. In his guide, Mr. Sheffield provides very detailed, step-by-step instructions, which are also shown via pictures, to direct you on exactly what to do to repair your PS3. In fact, the fixes detailed in his guide are EXACTLY what Sony uses to fix all the malfunctioning PS3 consoles returned to them: PS3 Black Screen Fix.

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